Micro Project Brochure

One of the core objective of the SEMPRE project was to involve service users in the design and implementation of new social services that directly respond to the needs of the inhabitants of rural areas. To this end the partners applied empowerment tools to initiate co-creation processes in their regions,

After three years we are happy and proud that the SEMPRE approach has led to the development of 26 locally based micro projects which are presented in this brochure. As you will see when reading the descriptions of the micro projects, they are very different in many ways, including the local socio-economic settings under which they were initiated, the type and scope of the service delivered, the degree to which service users assumed ownership of the micro project an the organisational status of the micro project (while some micro projects successfully founded cooperatives or social enterprises, others chose to remain on a rather informal self-support level with low thresholds for participation).

But you will also notice that the micro projects have a lot in common: A strong cooperational spirit, the willingness of social service providers to work in new ways and an enormous amount of creativity.

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SEMPRE Final Conference

Published: 2018-12-10

"Make Empowerment Happen!" - this was the motto of the SEMPRE final conference that took place in Riga on 27 and 28 November 2018. It was a lively event, highlighted by the showcase of 18 service user-driven micro projects from all over the Baltic Sea Region.

SEMPRE results published

Published: 2018-11-27

As the Final Conference "Make Empowerment" in Riga, Latvia is starting, we are glad to announce that we have published the first results of our three years of work in the SEMPRE project: The "Empowerment Handbook" that gives practical advice on how to apply user involvement in social service design, a compilation of the micro projects that were developed and implemented in co-creation processes in the SEMPRE partner regions and a "pocket" version of the organisational roadmap.

You'll find these publications here.


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