Ostrobothnia, Finland

Location: Ostrobothnia, Finland

Vulnerable group in focus: Older adults (65+)

Coordinator: Novia University of Applied Sciences, Ulrika Häggström

Socio-economic profiles (Source: Eurostat):
NUTS3 region Varinais-Suomi (FI1C1):

1. PPS/capita in % of EU (2013) 103%
2. Population density (2013) 44,3 inhabitants/km2
3. Relative population change 2011-2015: +1,62%

NUTS3 region Pohjanmaa (FI195):

1. PPS/capita in % of EU (2013) 115%
2. Population density (2013) 23,3 inhabitants/km2
3. Relative population change 2011-2015: +1,8%

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“Locally produced joy of life” – A micro project with older adults in Ostrobothnia, Finland

Published: 2018-01-16

The SEMPRE partner Novia University of Applied Sciences works with older adults as our focus group in the SEMPRE project. During last year, a micro project called “Locally Produced Joy of Life”, was developed together with older adults and social service producers in the municipality of Korsholm/Mustasaari.

"Give, exchange, donate" - A micro project with single parents in Lithuania

Published: 2017-11-07

Halfway through the lifetime of the transnational project SEMPRE, the activities of the micro projects gained momentum in many partnership countries including Lithuania. On the first weekend of autumn, a micro project was started in Jurbarkas town.


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