Here you will find resources such as tools, templates and documents related to the Empowerment Training.


SEMPRE_Empowerment Workshop_Introduction Hand out (PDF)

SEMPRE_Empowerment Workshop_Introduction and principles_Slides (PDF)

Action Learning

SEMPRE_Action learning workshop_Introduction hand out (PDF)

SEMPRE_Action learning workshop_Slides (PDF)

SEMPRE_Script for Action Learning Workshop_template and example  (Excel)

SEMPRE_Action learning group actions_template (Word)

SEMPRE_Action learning individual actions_template (Word)


Team Building

SEMPRE_Team building workshop_Introduction (PDF)

SEMPRE_Learning Styles_Team Building_Slides (PDF)

SEMPRE_Mapping your own learning style_Team Building (PDF)


SEMPRE Pilot Training Workshop examples

Empowerment Pilot Training in Kiel, Germany

SEMPRE_Documentation_Kick-Off_21062018_Kiel GER (PDF)

SEMPRE_Documentation_Skype follow up_29062018_Kiel_GER (PDF)

SEMPRE_Documentation_Final_19112018_Kiel (PDF)

SEMPRE_Documentation_WS Methods_18072018_Kiel GER (PDF)

Evaluation of the Training: SEMPRE_Evaluation from the Pilot Training in Kiel, Germany (PDF)



Empowerment Pilot Training Esbjerg, Denmark

SEMPRE_Learning theory_UC Syd_DEN (PDF)

SEMPRE_Communication_UC Syd_DEN (PDF)

SEMPRE_Poster Method_Learning journey_UC Syd_DEN (PDF)

Evaluation of the Training: SEMPRE_Evaluation from the Pilot Training in Esjbjerg, Denmark (PDF)



Empowerment Pilot Training Liepaja, Latvia

SEMPRE_Agenda & Report_1st Workshop (kick-off)_Liepaja_Latvia_June 2018 (PDF)

SEMPRE_Agenda & Report_2nd Workshop_Liepaja_Latvia_Oct 2018 (PDF)

SEMPRE_Agenda & Report_3rd Workshop_Liepaja_Latvia_Feb 2019 (PDF)

SEMPRE_Presentation_1st Workshop (kick-off)_Liepaja_Latvia_June 2018 (PDF)

SEMPRE_Presentation_3rd Workshop_Liepaja_Latvia_Feb 2019 (PDF)



Empowerment Pilot Training Vidzeme, Latvia

SEMPRE_Report_Pilot Training Workshop Vidzeme_Latvia_Nov 2018 (PDF)

SEMPRE_Evaluation_Pilot Training Workshop Vidzeme_Latvia_Feb 2019 (PDF)


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Final transnational meeting in Hamburg concludes SEMPRE project... for the time being

Published: 2019-01-31
SEMPRE partners have met for the finalisation of the project on 23 and 24 January 2019 in the Ecomenical Forum HafenCity in Hamburg, Germany. An emotional good-bye feedback round as well as some last work session to finalise the remaining outputs and succesfully close the project were all part of this last SEMPRE meeting.

SEMPRE has won the Poster Award in a Social and Health Care seminar in Vaasa, Finland

Published: 2019-01-15
The SEMPRE project in the University Consortium Chydenius was awarded a best poster in the Social and Health Care seminar in Vaasa. The SEMPRE was originally presented in Dublin World Conference in July 2018.

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