Foundation for Social Action

Foundation for Social Action

Who we are

Foundation for Social Action
The Foundation’s goal is to raise the economic and social capacity of congregations and church organisations, improve the accessibility and quality to services. Its activities include consulting and training projects.

Why we are involved in SEMPRE

SEMPRE addresses issues that the Foundation for Social Action is also dealing with. It mediates information and facilitates cooperation between various stakeholders. An international arena would assist in fulfilling the local goals better and draw more attention to the activities.  SEMPRE enables addressing target groups that have not been addressed by other international projects so far such as families at risk, ex-offenders, NEET (not in education, employment or training) youth, etc. The project enables empowering of risk groups on local level and assists them in improvement of their own lives by providing g training to create jobs. The project increases social entrepreneurship on the local level. These are all values that Foundation for Social Action also shares.

What will be the most important result of SEMPRE?

A regional/international empowerment network is created of various partners such as congregations, local governments, social workers, families, academics, pastoral counsellors, etc. for helping local risk groups.

Whom we are working with

The Foundation for Social Action will, together with the Estonian Evangelical Lutherean Church, create Local Empowerment Networks in the counties Võru and Põlva. The focus will be on families at risk, i.e. families located in remote regions of the country, families having many children, families in poverty where parents are unemployed, families having NEET youth at home. In the two Local Empowerment Networks we will cooperate with NGOs such as Hingetugi (providing pastoral counselling) or the Estonian Association of Large Families, as well as with congregations, the local municipalities of Haanja, Rõuge, Sõmerpalu, Meremäe and the county governments. We will also cooperate with Tallinn University and the Estonian University of Life Sciences as scientific partners.
Foundation for Social Action
Ühiskonnatöö Sihtasutus
Tallinn, Estonia

our latest news

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SEMPRE Final Conference

Published: 2018-12-10

"Make Empowerment Happen!" - this was the motto of the SEMPRE final conference that took place in Riga on 27 and 28 November 2018. It was a lively event, highlighted by the showcase of 18 service user-driven micro projects from all over the Baltic Sea Region.

SEMPRE results published

Published: 2018-11-27

As the Final Conference "Make Empowerment" in Riga, Latvia is starting, we are glad to announce that we have published the first results of our three years of work in the SEMPRE project: The "Empowerment Handbook" that gives practical advice on how to apply user involvement in social service design, a compilation of the micro projects that were developed and implemented in co-creation processes in the SEMPRE partner regions and a "pocket" version of the organisational roadmap.

You'll find these publications here.


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